Publications for Pet Loss & Grieving

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Pet Loss Self-Help

PUBLICATIONS: The following is a list of publications that some pet owners may find useful. is not affiliated with any of the individuals, organizations, or publishers mentioned below.

A Special Place for Charlie
Author – Debbie Morehead,
Publisher – Partners in Publishing

Amazing Gracie, a Dog’s Tale
Author – Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff
Publisher – Worman Publishing

Angel Pawprints
Editor – Laurel E. Hunt,
Publisher – Hyperion

Between Pets and People
Author – Alan Beck
Publisher – New York: Putnam

Children Grieve Too
Author – Joy and Dr. Marvin Johnson
Publisher – Centering Corporation

Cold Noses and Warm Hearts
Editor – Laurie Morrow
Publisher – Willow Creek Press

Cold Noses At The Pearly Gates
Author – Gary Kurz
Publisher – Morris Publishing

Companion Animal Death
Author – Mary F. Stewart
Publisher – Butterworth Heinemann

Coping With Sorrow on the Loss of Your Pet
Author – Moira Anderson M.Ed.
Publisher – Alpine Blue Ribbon Books

Coping With The Loss of a Pet
Author – Christina M. Lemiux
Publisher – Wallace Clark Publishers

Crossing the Rubicon
Author – Julie Kaufman, D.C., C.A.C.
Publisher – Xenophon Publications

For The Love of Princess
Author – Cheryl A. Matschek
Publisher – Princess Publishing

Goodbye, Friend
Author – Gary Kowalski
Publisher – Stillpoint Publishing

Good-Bye My Friend
Author – Michele Lanci-Altomare
Publisher – Bowtie Press

In Remembrance of a Special Cat – A Collection of Inspirational Writings
Editor – Richard F. X. O’Connor
Publisher – Renaissance Books

Kindred Spirits
Author – Allen M. Schoen
Publisher – Broadway Books

Sad Isn’t Bad
Author – Michaelane Mundy
Publisher – Abby Press

Surviving the Heartbreak of Choosing Death for Your Pet
Author – Linda M. Peterson
Publisher – Greentree Publishing

Tear Soup
Author – Pat Schwiebert and Chuck Deklyen
Publisher – Grief Watch

The Dogs Who Came to Stay
Author – George Pitcher
Publisher – Dutton

The Heart That Is Loved Never Forgets
Author – Kaetheryn Walker
Publisher – Healing Arts Press

The Loss of a Pet
Author – Wallace Sife, Ph.D.
Publisher – Howell Book House

The Soul of Your Pet
Author – Scott S. Smith
Publisher – Holmes Publishing Group

The Souls of Animals
Author – Gary Kowalski
Publisher – Stillpoint Publishing

Three Cats, Two Dogs One Journey Through Multiple Pet Loss
Author – David Congalaton
Publisher – Newsage Press