Pet Burial Pet BurialFor those who prefer to be able to visit their pet after they pass or otherwise aren’t interested in cremation, burial is an alternate option to cremation. However, with burial, there is more to consider that will impact pet burial costs.

At Home Pet Burial

If you own property, you might like to bury your pet in your yard. However, there are local ordinances that sometimes prevent this from being legal. It’s important to check with your local municipality before burying your pet to ensure that you do it legally and to regulation. Before burial, remove any non-biodegradable materials such as collars or plastic wrapping from your pet. The grave must be at least three feet deep to reduce the likelihood of your pet being dug up or eroded. There are wooden and cardboard caskets available for pets of all sizes that can be purchased beforehand. You can mark the grave as you see fit. Many people either place a headstone to mark a grave, or plant a beautiful tree.

Pet Cemetery

For those who don’t own property or can’t provide a home burial (or simply don’t want to), there are pet cemeteries. There, you can bury your pet and have a place to always visit them, and you don’t need to worry about legality. Pet cemeteries often work with local companies to provide all the services you need to bury your pet in a manner that you see fit – from headstones to decorations. Many also work with veterinarians, so it may be possible to arrange a burial at a pet cemetery through your vet. However, while pet cemeteries provide a great option for pet owners who lose their beloved animal, it’s also a costly option. Costs range from hundreds to thousands dependent on a variety of factors.

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When you need immediate help with the death of a pet, searching for pet aftercare can be stressful. can help you find service providers for pet pickup, pet burial and pet cremation. For pet owners searching for end-of-life assistance for their animal, pet euthanasia services can be found at Pet Aftercare SEARCH.

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