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We know finding the right aftercare services for your pet can be distressing at a difficult time.

Hopefully this information will assist you in choosing an option that’s best for you:

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The following is a list of directories and service providers that some pet owners may find useful. is not affiliated with any of the individuals, organizations, or publishers mentioned below.

  • IAOPC – International Association Of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories  list of pet cremation facilities providing links to services provider’s web sites and other independent online directories.
  • APLB The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement

When you need immediate help with the death of a pet, searching for pet aftercare can be stressful. can help you find service providers for pet pickup, pet burial and pet cremation. For pet owners searching for end-of-life assistance for their animal, pet euthanasia services can be found at Pet Aftercare SEARCH.